Tobi’s Story (twenty-seven) Howling Skies

Before Tess could fully examine the strange, new body that she found herself in, she began to feel a vibration.

It permeated everything… the air, the liquid bathing her naked body, the ground, and everything that grew from and sat on it. The vibration slowly and steadily became a hum. That hum eventually mingled with echoes and slaps of sound that seemed to reverberate off of some invisible wall.

Then came screeching… and wailing, like Tess had never heard.

The horrible noises reminded her of the day that the tornado had torn her from her mother’s arms when she was just a small child. Only, that comparison did this no justice. No tornado, or any other earthly event, sounded like what she heard now.

She soon realized that the very sky above her that was the origin of what she was hearing…

As she looked up toward the heavens, darkness gave way to magnificent balls of light and brilliant, shimmering rings that wrapped themselves around the atmosphere.

Tess wanted to dive into the pool and never come up. Instead… she sat frozen in fear, her chest heaving and her heart pounding.

Then, just when she thought her terror could be no more absolute, she saw a creature so vile that it was unlike anything she could have ever imagined… even on a planet such as Saturnine.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (Twenty-Eight) Cursed Gift