Crown’s Plank (Twenty-Eight) Cursed Gift

Neem contemplated running.  

A whisper of reason told her to stay where she was. The consequences of running would be much worse than what was coming. She knew there was truly nowhere to hide… nowhere safe. What had just taken place before her eyes was a testament to as much.

Cry… beg… feign sick?

No, none of those would be met with empathy by Miss Antonina.

Knowing that she would be called upon instead of the medical staff of the compound nearly caused her heart to fail.  

As wicked as this place was, there were guidelines that were in place to avoid situations exactly like this. Miss Antonina violated them all and dared any of the girls to tell her superiors. So far, none of them had.

And while their existence was wretched, they all knew that it would be worse than the hottest hell if the Mistress’s rage were to be provoked by an act of defiance as unforgivable as any of the girls speaking against her.

She already felt the energy building in her and it caused her to fall to her hands and knees.

She hated Tobi for this, hated!

And now, by extension… she hated Tess as well.

This night and the deeds of those who would cause her to once again drain herself due to her cursed gift would not go unpunished… she would make sure of that.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (twenty-nine) Under Wing