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The giving over has happened, the earth renamed Saturnine. Tobi finds herself orphaned and in a group home. Can she navigate this bizarre world of duality alone? 

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I’ve been writing Tobi’s Story for a very long time, one piece at a time. It’s a labor of love, as it’s based on my experiences in a group home. Prior to the group home, I lived in foster care. Prior to that, with my biological family. While some of the things discussed in Tobi’s Story are fantastical, the horrible things the kids endure at the hands of their caregivers and the things they are forced to confront, with only each other to lean on (or, most often, completely alone) are not fantastical. They are very real. This is for all those who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, and then told you are the problem. For those souls that, somehow, managed to be brave… have endured, persevered, and even thrived in the face of impossible odds. I would like to put this story into the ether to plant the seeds in the minds of the collective consciousness that victim-blaming and scapegoating children are evils in this world that must be looked at full-on in the face.

Here’s to the black sheep.