Crown’s Plank (twenty) Regret

Sabra raged.

Seeing Tobi hurt was worse than any torture she had suffered at the hands of the Umlakka.

Unspeakable horrors that she would never divulge were mild discomforts compared to how her heart suffered now. From her hiding place, she saw everything… saw Miss Antonina and her companion. Saw Tess doing a terrible job at masking how she longed for Tobi’s affections. Saw Tobi accepting with what she saw as fate… her destiny of belonging to no one.

It took strength that was beyond human not to run to her, to scoop Tobi up in her arms and protect her from every ounce of reality.

Sabra dreamed of it at night… on the rare occasions that she slept.  

She could practically feel Tobi in her arms, safe and comfortable. Only, when she would wake, her arms would be empty. It drove her damn near mad, but… she must bide her time and she knew it.

But… how does a mother bide her time when her child suffers?

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (twenty-one) Headlong Into the Never