Crown’s Plank (twenty-one) Headlong Into the Never

Sabra also saw Midnight… doing his job perfectly.

What Sabra could never again be for Tobi in this lifetime, Midnight could. What Sabra had given up to keep Tobi safe, Midnight embodied.

At the thought of what Midnight’s existence meant, her heart stilled slightly… her breathing followed suit by becoming shallow and slow with panic.  

Dread, fear, terror… none of these words did justice to what sat inside Sabra. At least if she were only going to die, or be torn limb from limb, or be forced to exist alone… these would be something.

She simply couldn’t think about it.

She forced a vision of the tallest, most resilient wall between her fear and her strength in her mind. What was done was done and she would run headlong into the never at this point to save Tobi from being in this insufferable place alone, even if Tobi could never know that she wasn’t.

Sabra knew that what she had done had broken Tobi’s father and she would obliterate the world to keep from repeating that mistake twice.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (twenty-two) The Night the House Burned