Crown’s Plank (thirteen) For The Evening

Tobi’s heart stilled slightly at the presence of the Desmosouls overhead.

One of them hovered over her with an almost curious air. As she passed below the creature, she measured the span of the flesh from one of his hands to the other with her eyes, looking up to study his build.

Her desire to understand had always outweighed her caution, this moment was no different. All Desmosouls were categorized as male and didn’t wear clothes like the ground walkers; although, their form was only marginally more masculine than feminine.

Tobi turned her attention to the stream, searching for a fitting place to rest herself for the remainder of the evening. She knew that wherever she chose would need to provide comfort, yet be hard enough on her body that she would not drift off into sleep as the minutes turned to hours during the session ahead.

She settled on a small boulder a few feet from the base of the Nephormed that was close enough to the creature that the chains around its feet sank into the soil below it. Bile rose in her throat… again, her hunger twisted itself shamefully around the rotten smell of the creature’s breath.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (fourteen) Saunter and Hair