Crown’s Plank (fourteen) Saunter and Hair

Tobi sat still on the boulder as the other girls took various places around the base of the Nephormed, Miss Antonina sauntered from the woods behind them.  

Fatigue and anxiety draped the atmosphere around the group.

The Mistress reveled in their discomfort, knowing full well that they were on point wondering where she would take her place among them. She stopped a few feet from the edge of the woods and gingerly turned back as if waiting for someone or something to emerge.  

The group looked on with bated breath until, finally, a large, black goat seemed to materialize from nothing… it dallied toward The Mistress.

The goat was large enough that it could have been mistaken for a stallion, its huge body rippled with muscles that were as thick as braided ropes beneath its pitch black hair.  

Once it reached Miss Antonina, she reached her hands to the thick torso of the towering animal and began to run them over it in a manner that could only be described as sultry. Upon finishing, she whispered into its ear and it maneuvered its body to the ground before her, its knees bent so that she could climb onto its back and situate herself comfortably.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (fifteen) From Tess