Crown’s Plank (nineteen) Impotent Eyes

And so it began.  

Tobi felt the all too familiar rushing of blood behind her eyes… the dizziness that came before the attention was turned squarely on her.  

It was techno music and space needles and metronomes… her chest heaved.

Then, he caught her eye.  

How could he not?  

The pace of his pant matched hers… white teeth, green eyes, a wind around him that was blowing from nowhere… it was Midnight.

This could only mean one thing: that she had already completely folded into her own finely tuned torment.

She stared at the jet-black dog.

She wanted to feel the wind too… wanted to have her hair lifted away from her face only to fall back down to slap and tickle her cheeks.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (twenty) Regret