Crown’s Plank (fifteen) From Tess

Tess couldn’t help herself, Tobi’s pull was simply too strong to resist.

From the moment she had laid eyes on her, Tess knew she was in love with Tobi.  

She couldn’t explain it… she had never felt anything like it. Tobi consumed her thoughts, clouded her judgement, and was at the center of her dreams each night. But… Tess knew that Tobi had been badly hurt and abandoned, she could see it the frantic jumping of Tobi’s eyes.

Tess knew that… to love this girl… was to condemn herself to a never-ending chase. That with Tobi, there could never be an unchaotic relationship.

It was something she was willing to accept, as long as she could be with Tobi.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (sixteen) Dark Decoration