Crown’s Plank (twenty-four) Save

Tess saw the flinching of Tobi’s muscles, a flicker of insanity in the seductive green specks of Tobi’s eyes.

If only there were some god that she could plead to… she knew she had to think fast.

She had seen the fly slam against the rock at Tobi’s feet and she knew what it meant. She had hoped that Sabra’s death would have come so much farther down the road, that at least Tobi might have known what her own mother had given up for her.


Tobi was already so self-destructive. She had sworn that she would keep her safe and never tell what she knew, but how was she supposed to deal with seeing Tobi get lost in her own mind?

Calm, she had to be calm. She had no choice. Perhaps the Desmosouls hadn’t taken Sabra. Perhaps it was something else, someone else. Perhaps they had taken one of the other nameless, faceless children of the complex or an animal… or had a simple feast on someone who meant nothing… but who meant nothing?  

Tess knew who meant nothing and that was anyone other than Tobi.

If Tess needed to or had to, she would subdue her passions for Tobi’s sake. If it all came down to it, she would pretend to be the tame little wall fly until the very moment that she had to strip the skin from Tobi’s adversaries.

To be continued…

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