Crown’s Plank (seventeen) Those Scars and the Filth

Those scars… they were the barbed hooks that had snickered at Tess’s armor as they bore their way inside her the instant she had seen Tobi.

Tobi hadn’t been escorted in by Miss Antonina, and it was better that way. She had been in no state to handle the Mistress. Instead, it was the head cook, Sabra, who had stood at the door with the broken girl.

Sabra was one of the few people on the property who was gentle and loving with the children, they cherished kitchen duty because it meant they could be near her.

She radiated warmth, was strong and confident. She had a full body and black hair that she kept cut close to her face.

Sabra was the kind of person that listened attentively when another was speaking. Her eyes danced with a knowing gleam… but she always spoke carefully, with tact and kindness.

To be continued…

Crown’s Plank (eighteen) And You Shall Eat From The Fields