Crown’s Plank (Forty-Six) S3E6E9D mETATRON

In her glare, giant granite chess pieces sliding across the board of existence.

She’s determined to crush me… Tobi dare not let her eyes be the first to leave the necrotic dance of power between the two women. Fuck this woman.

What else do I have that this woman can take from me, thought Tobi. My father is gone, my mother… my precious girl is alone somewhere, if even she still lives. Beat me down, wear me out, suck my soul, split me, rip me, take what you think I have worth taking… obviously, this woman didn’t know her.

Sure, this was fucked and she’d pay.

Tobi’s thoughts on the matter? And then?… try me.

As soon as she felt her rage encrusted courage wash through her, she felt it wane. What the fuck was she doing?! Sure, she had nothing, but she had hope. She had the possibility that she’d made a friend. She had the possibility that her sweet girl was alive somewhere, just waiting for her to come back to her. What the hell was this recklessness about?!

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