Want to quit your horrible fucking job right now?

But... you're having a hard time going through with it.

I'll say what you can't, and it's global

I’ll quit your job for you, on my podcast

How it works: just hit that button over there and go to town. When you email me, let it all go! Quit your job in style! Say everything you have ever wanted to say!!! The Rules: 1. DO NOT GIVE FULL NAMES (I will read first names or nicknames only) 2. I will say the name and town of the business you work at only, it's up to you to circulate this thing 3. DO IT IN ONE EMAIL: Once you hit that submit button, it is gone forever! I wake up and get the email, make the podcast, hit submit, and it's gone forever... it's heard around the world and it will live on the blockchain (that means forever) 4. YOU WILL BE REJECTED IF I THINK YOU ARE AN ASSHAT TROLL OR YOU DESERVE HOW THEY TREAT YOU
quit your job happy park guys

I’ll literally say anything, as long as it’s not illeagal. No really, I can say whatever the fuck you need me to. I’m my own daddy and I make my own rules.

This is what you will look like once you let me quit that shit job once and for all… laying in the park, high af on a Tuesday with dried Taco Bell stuck to your cheek. Ah… you lucky bastard. You’ll be the envy of all your douchbag friends who haven’t let me quit their jobs. Pitty them, they are inferior and far too soft for the game. But you…